FastStone Capture 10.2 Crack With Keygen 2024 [Latest]

FastStone Capture 10.2 Crack With Serial Key 2024 [Latest]

FastStone Capture Crack

FastStone Capture Crack is an advanced and highly recommended screen capture software for Windows users. With just a single click, you can easily take snapshots of your screen. It features a versatile option bar that allows you to select specific options for capturing new snapshots. You can even drag and drop the options bar to any location on your screen, making it incredibly user-friendly for creating new images.

FastStone Capture Registration Code comes with a range of useful features. It supports various units of measurement, allowing you to work with pixels precisely as needed. You also have the flexibility to choose the background image color, making it effective for cropping and editing images.

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Screen Recording: This software allows you to record all screen activities seamlessly. It captures not only static images but also dynamic content, including on-screen changes, microphone audio, mouse movements, and clicks. This feature is precious for creating tutorials, presentations, or even recording gaming sessions. Versatile Output Options: FastStone Capture Full Crack provides a range of output options after capturing your content.

Web Upload: For those who need to share their content online, this software offers the convenience of uploading captures directly to your website. This feature is especially handy if you create online tutorials, product demonstrations, or any content that needs to be accessible via the web.

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Annotation: You can easily add text, draw lines with arrows, and highlight specific areas within your captures. This feature is invaluable for creating explanatory notes or emphasizing important details. Resizing: FastStone Capture Serial Key enables you to resize your images and videos effortlessly. Whether you need to make them smaller for web use or enlarge them for presentations, resizing is a breeze.

Cropping: The software provides cropping functionality, allowing you to trim unnecessary parts of your captures. This is particularly useful for removing unwanted background elements or focusing on a specific section of your screen. Sharpening: Enhance the clarity and sharpness of your captures with the sharpening tool. This ensures that your visuals look crisp and professional.

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Watermarking: Protect your intellectual property or add branding to your content by applying watermarks. FastStone Capture Serial Key lets you easily insert watermarks into your images and videos. Edge Effects: Add creative effects to your captures, such as borders or shadows, to make them stand out and visually appealing.

One of the standout features of FastStone Capture Portable is its support for multiple image formats. You can save your images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF, and even PDF formats. This flexibility ensures that you can work with your images in the format that best suits your needs. This feature allows you to record videos in WMV (Windows Media Video) format.

Key Features:

  • Global Hotkey Activation:
  • FastStone Capture allows you to instantly activate screenshots using global hotkeys. This means you can capture your screen swiftly, even in the midst of other tasks.
  • Email Integration:
  • You can seamlessly send captured images via email directly from the software, simplifying the sharing process.
  • Integration with Word and PowerPoint:
  • FastStone Capture enables you to insert captured images directly into Word and PowerPoint documents, saving you time and effort.
  • FTP Upload:
  • You can send captured images directly to a web server via FTP, making it convenient for remote access and sharing.
  • Screen Color Selector:
  • The screen color selector allows you to precisely pick colors from your screen, ensuring accuracy in your designs and annotations.
  • Screen Magnifier:
  • This feature allows you to zoom in on specific areas of your screen for detailed editing or to highlight specific elements.
  • Multi-Monitor Support:
  • FastStone Capture supports multiple monitors, accommodating users who work with extended display setups.
  • Screen Cross and Ruler: – On-screen crosshairs and rulers are available for precise measurements and alignment in your captures.
  • Touch Interface Support: – The software provides support for touch gestures, including clicks, slides, and pinches, for users with touch-enabled devices.
  • Versatile Capture Options: – You can capture various elements, including windows, objects, menus, full screens, rectangular or freehand areas, and even scrollable web pages.
  • Capture Multiple Windows and Objects: – FastStone Capture allows you to capture multiple windows and objects, including multi-level menus, in a single operation.
  • Screen Recording: – Record screen activities, including screen changes, microphone voice, mouse movements, and clicks, in highly compressed video files using the Windows Media video format.
  • Built-In Video Editor: – The software includes a video editor that lets you draw annotations, apply zoom effects, and trim unwanted parts from your recordings.

FastStone Capture Crack

What’s New?

  • This feature enhances your control over the capture process.
  • Quality Options in the Audio Tab:
  • In the Audio tab, you can now find quality options. These settings enable you to adjust the audio quality according to your preferences, ensuring high-quality recordings.
  • Move Recording Region by Dragging Borders:
  • FastStone Capture has improved its usability by allowing users to move the recording region by simply dragging its borders. This simplifies the adjustment of the capture area.
  • Modified Draw Tool:
  • The Draw tool in FastStone Capture has undergone modifications. It now offers more flexibility and options for users, allowing you to draw lines in various styles, including curved lines, and add random characters to file names.


  • Versatile Screen Capture: FastStone Capture offers a wide range of screen capture options, including full screen, specific windows, regions, and even scrolling web pages. This versatility is valuable for various capture needs.
  • Powerful Editing Tools: The software provides robust editing tools, allowing users to annotate, crop, resize, add text, and apply effects to their captures.
  • Screen Recording: FastStone Capture includes a screen recording feature that supports recording in the WMV format. This is useful for creating tutorials, presentations, and software demonstrations.
  • Support for Multiple Monitors: FastStone Capture seamlessly works with multi-monitor setups, making it suitable for users with extended displays.
  • Wide Range of Output Options: Users can choose from various output options, including sending captures to the clipboard, image editors, Word, PowerPoint, or even directly to email or a printer.
  • Portable Version: FastStone Capture offers a portable version that can be run from a USB drive without installation.


  • Windows-Exclusive: FastStone Capture is only available for Windows operating systems, limiting its use to macOS and Linux users.

 Registration Code:


System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Memory (RAM) Required:

  • A minimum of 1 GB of RAM is required to run FastStone Capture smoothly.

How to Install:

  • Download FastStone Capture:
  • Begin by downloading the full version of FastStone Capture from a trusted source. Ensure that you are obtaining it from a reputable website or the official FastStone website.
  • Uninstall Previous Version:
  • If you have a previous version of FastStone Capture installed on your computer, it’s recommended to uninstall it. You can use a program like IObit Uninstaller Pro to do this effectively.
  • Extract the RAR File:
  • Locate the downloaded file, which is typically in RAR format. You can use a tool like Winrar to extract the contents of the RAR file. Right-click on the file and select “Extract” or “Unzip.”
  • Run the Setup:
  • Inside the extracted folder, you should find the setup file for FastStone Capture. Double-click on the setup file to launch the installation process.
  • Install FastStone Capture:
  • Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installation wizard.
  • Use the Keygen:
  • After installation, locate the keygen provided with the downloaded files. Run the keygen program. It will generate a serial key that you’ll need to activate FastStone Capture.
  • Activate the Software:
  • Open FastStone Capture and look for the option to enter the serial key. Paste the serial key generated by the keygen into the appropriate field to activate the software.
  • Enjoy the Latest Version:
  • Enjoy all the features and benefits of the latest version of the software.


From capturing screenshots and recording videos to advanced editing tools and flexible output options, FastStone Capture simplifies the process of creating engaging and informative content. With support for various image and video formats, real-time zooming, and the ability to follow mouse pointer movement, it provides a seamless and efficient user experience.


  • What is FastStone Capture?
  • FastStone Capture is a screen capture and screen recording software that allows users to capture screenshots and record screen activities. It offers a range of editing and annotation tools for enhancing captures and supports various output formats.
  • What operating systems are supported by FastStone Capture?
  • FastStone Capture is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.
  • What are the key features of FastStone Capture?
  • Some key features of FastStone Capture include global hotkey activation, support for multiple monitors, screen magnifier, video recording, image editing tools, and support for various image and video formats.
  • How can I activate FastStone Capture?
  • FastStone Capture can be activated using a valid serial key.
  • Is there a portable version of FastStone Capture available?
  • Yes, there is a portable version of FastStone Capture available, which allows you to use the software without installation. It can be run directly from a USB drive.
  • What formats can I save my captures in?
  • FastStone Capture supports a range of image formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF, and PDF.
  • Does FastStone Capture offer any video editing capabilities?
  • Yes, FastStone Capture includes a built-in video editor that allows you to draw annotations, apply zoom effects, and trim unwanted parts from your recordings.
  • Are there any recent updates or modifications in FastStone Capture?
  • Yes, recent updates have introduced features like real-time zoom with a hotkey, improved drawing tools, and the ability to add random characters to file names.
  • How can I obtain FastStone Capture? – FastStone Capture can be downloaded from the official FastStone website or other reputable software download sources.

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